About Daughters of Islanamar
We are the Daughters of Islanamar!

Praise the Goddess, for you have found us and we have found you!

 We worship Islanamar, a little-known goddess of love and compassion (but also passion). Our only known temple was burned down by Set's cultists in bygone times - a traumatic event that scattered us all across Hyboria. We are secretive and some of us escaped persecution by remaining in hiding. By the never-ending love of the Goddess, we prevail!

The Goddess accepts only female followers, some of whom have been chosen very early in life by direct intervention of the Goddess' agents. Others have come to us of their own accord. Few men know of our existence at all; of those, some have been helpful in the past, others disruptive.

We have no need of and no regard for cumbersome armor; we trust in the Goddess to shield us and protect us from harm. We show our devotion and our faith in Her by showing courage and selflessness  in the thick of the battle.

Some of us have been washed ashore upon the Barachan islands with the blighted Mark of Acheron that robbed us of most of our memories. Together we set out in search of the past - not only our own but also that of our cult - and to wherever our road leads us.

We started building a new home for the sisterhood so as to provide amenities for all, yet we have learned that erecting structures from wood and stone is not enough. By sharing the love of the Goddess among us, we honor our sacred vows and praise Her.

May the Goddess protect and guide you!

Our guild is about creating and storytelling: bringing our secret cult and its members to life. While the stories and quests already present in the game are great, we believe that the setting allows for and actually inspires creative outbursts, be they stories, songs, prayers, artwork, or any other form.

We like to focus on direct personal interaction; it gives us insights into the characters and inspires us to do more than just levelling. Casual roleplaying is always well received, and there is no need to be overly serious.

Most of us don’t PvP or raid. We have nothing against it if that is your thing, but you won't find a lot of help or interest within our guild.

The lore about the cult, the Goddess, and the historical events are considered a free-for-all open playground to be explored by each member, intentionally kept vague in some places to allow for the greatest possible freedom and imagination.

The background of each sister lies within the murky past. Some regain memories and share these with their sisters. We want to know each individual, what makes her fight, and how she became one of Islanamar’s blessed Daughters.

We keep an open mind and try to be encouraging and helpful (and funny). As we follow a goddess who encompasses all forms of love, be they spiritual or physical in nature (and also unrequited love with its consequences), some of the stories naturally pick up this subject. The world of Hyboria, as RE Howard describes it, is wild and violent; lives go past quickly and you have to make the most of it in a short time, taking all that life has to offer.

No ERP on the guild channel or in public places is permitted. If that is your only goal, you should look elsewhere. However, if you feel especially close to a sister, you may (in private of course) share whatever you like, and friendly teasing is not only permitted but welcome.

Most of the content on this site (mainly the stories) is accessible for members. If you are interested in learning more about us, please contact me (Larazza, Spinarossa, et al.) in-game.

The Rules and Privileges

Some of us have been touched by the Goddess directly, which is shown by a swirling pattern on the side. Each character may, as early as level 16, go to Conarch village to purchase the Bodymarking: Self Check. It will be applied to her body in a ceremony in the guild city. The guild will provide the necessary 15 Silver.

The guild will supply 5 Silver to buy a 16-Slot Bag from Butterfly at the Thirsty Dog (Tortage Night) for each new member.

Our city stands proudly in Purple Lotus Swamps (tier 1).

One day the Goddess may call for a sacrifice. It is nothing that causes any of us worry or fear, for the sacrifice will be made willingly.

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